The MiLight online store provides warranty service for the goods, during the warranty period, usually from 6 to 24 months.

Warranty service for free elimination of defects in products caused by the fault of the manufacturer, subject to compliance with the operating rules established by the manufacturer.

All warranty and post-warranty maintenance of goods is carried out by specialized authorized service centers of manufacturing companies having corresponding powers.

If after you start using the product you noticed defects, please contact us by one of the phones listed in the contacts. We diagnost the goods, based on the results of which the decision will be made on further actions - repair, exchange or refund of funds.

The warranty repair or replacement is not possible:

  1. Natural wear or depletion of the resource.
  2. Accidental damage caused by the customer or damage resulting from negligence or use (exposure to liquids, dust, ingress of foreign objects, etc.).
  3. Damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena).
  4. Damage caused by an emergency increase or decrease in the voltage or incorrect connection.
  5. Damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes or in violation of the rules of operation.
  6. Exceeding the permissible loads on the product, which contradict the specified criteria in the characteristics of each product. The damage to the goods, the buyer's defect as a result of conscious actions or erroneous actions is caused. Including, ingress of foreign objects, liquids or other substances into the product.
  7. In the case of entering into the product, any modifications, innovations when using the purchased product for production purposes.
  8. If the specialists of our service center find mechanical damage or traces of unauthorized repairs, the guarantee is terminated and the goods can not be exchanged and returned.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", there are two reasons why a buyer can return or exchange a purchased product:

  • If the goods do not meet the quality declared by the manufacturer.
  • If the product fully meets all the requirements, but for some reason does not suit the buyer.

Possibility of exchange or refund in case of purchase of a substandard product.

In the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" in Article 8, it is said that if a buyer has discovered material shortcomings in a product that could only arise through the manufacturer, then he can make a replacement for the goods or return the money.

Explicit shortcomings, according to point 12 of article 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On protection of consumer rights", may be considered shortcomings, for which the goods can not be used for their intended purpose. If such a fault appeared due to the fault of the manufacturer and after the repair appears again for reasons independent of the buyer and at the same time is endowed with at least one of these characteristic features:

  1. Elimination at all is impossible.
  2. It takes more than two weeks to correct the deficiencies.

If verification is required, an examination can be carried out in a special service center, during which the compliance with the conditions specified in the warranty card, the operation of the goods by the consumer will be checked. Based on paragraph 4 of Art. 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", an expert examination may be organized within three days from the date of receipt of the written consent of the consumer for such verification. If the examination shows that the shortcomings that appeared after the transfer of the goods to the consumer, were the result of violation of the conditions for the use of the goods by the consumer, preservation or transportation, the consumer will have to pay for the examination at his own expense.

If these requirements can not be met on time, the buyer can ask to replace the defective goods with the same goods only from another manufacturer, chosen by him, according to the price recalculation and the return of money, if necessary. The product can be different brand and model.

If the replacement of goods with defects in the goods of the same manufacturer and model, which has changed in price, is carried out, then the cost is not recalculated. If the replacement of the goods is made for a product of the appropriate quality of another manufacturer or model, then the cost of the defective product in the event of an increase in its value is recalculated based on its price during the exchange period, and in the event of a price reduction, based on its value on the day of purchase.

The ability to exchange or refund in the case of buying a quality product.

Referring to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and Article 9, a buyer may exchange or return goods within two weeks:

  1. If the goods did not suit the buyer by color, size or shape.
  2. It can not be used for its intended purpose, provided that the goods have not been used by the buyer and have a marketable appearance, consumer qualities, factory packaging, seals and documents.

If at the time of the exchange of the same product is not available, the buyer can:

  1. Buy any other product.
  2. Get back the money.
  3. To change the goods on the same at the first time it goes on sale.

During the procedure of refund, settlements with the buyer are made based on the price of the goods on the day of purchase. The request of buyers to return the money is held on the day they were presented, and in the absence of an opportunity to return the money - in the period of seven days.

The requirements of the consumer will be considered only if the complete set of the goods is preserved, the package is available from the manufacturer, on which the code and the completed warranty card must be. In the event that the return of goods of inadequate quality occurs, the consumer must provide an act, he must receive a special service center. In the act must be indicated "significant deficiencies" of the purchased goods.

If these conditions are met, it is possible to replace the goods or make a refund.

Reasons for which it is impossible to replace the goods or return money:

  1. It has been more than two weeks since the purchase of the product, which has no shortcomings.
  2. A product that does not have significant drawbacks, but does not look like a new product and there are some defects that have arisen through the fault of the buyer.
  3. During the inspection of the quality of the goods, facts were found that indicate an attempt to open, repair or other violations of the warranty service.
  4. Absence of a document confirming purchase of the goods, warranty coupon or complete set of the goods.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" the consumer is obliged:

  1. Before using the product you need to study the rules for the operation of the goods that go with it.
  2. In cases where the conditions for the use of the purchased goods are not clear, the consumer should seek advice from the seller, the manufacturer or other person specified in the documents that perform these functions.
  3. Use the product for its intended purpose and do not violate the operating conditions specified in the manufacturer's or seller's documents.
  4. To avoid negative consequences of the use of the goods, the consumer must comply with the safety measures specified in the manufacturer's documents or in the absence of them, observe the generally accepted safety measures when operating goods of this category.