What is RGBW?

RGBW (abbr. From Red, Green, Blue, White) is a subpixel layout for display matrices based on the usual RGB color model. The main difference is the use of an additional subpixel with a white color. This type of synthesis allows more efficient formation of bright colors. Using conventional matrices with an RGB model to increase the brightness it is necessary to increase the brightness of all three subpixels, then in the case of RGBW the necessary brightness can be achieved only by changing the saturation of the white sub-pixel. The main advantage of this technology is the more efficient use of energy. The patent for the algorithm for the decomposition of RGB to RGBW belongs to Samsung Electronics. This technology is quite important in mobile devices, where the battery life is limited, and the duration of the device from one charge depends on the brightness and duration of the screen.

What is CCT?

CCT (abbr. From correlated color temperature) is a measure of the color appearance of a white light source. CCT is measured by the absolute temperature scale in degrees Kelvin. Light products with white glow are often available from 2700K (warm white) to 7000K (cool white).

What is a dimmer for LED lamps and LED strips?

Dimmer (from dim, in French - variator) - an electronic device designed to change the electrical power (power regulator). Usually used to adjust the brightness of light emitted by incandescent lamps, LED lamps and LED strips.